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Meet The Artist


My Story

I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids.  I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to be with them as they have grown and started school.  It has also given me the chance to explore the artistic side of my personlality creating stained glass windows, while using the knowledge that I had from my previous career.  

Before our beautiful family grew to 5, I had gone to trade school and was working as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.  Which is always fun for me to say, everyone is always surprised that I went from mechanic to artist. They are curious of the transition and how I got into it.  Well, 13 years ago I took a stained glass class.  I knew immediately I loved it and that it could be something I would be good at.  Unfortunately, at that time I lacked space and time to pursue my hobby.  Luckily 6 years ago when we moved to Beaumont, time and space became less of an obstacle and I was able to explore my passion.  I feel that I use a lot of what I learned as a mechanic to push the boundaries with my art.  I know what metals I can solder together, and I like to use different materials to add artistic interest.  


Working as a mechanic gave me the confidence to use a wide variety of tools, whether it be hand tools or power tools.  Often I am asked if my husband helps me.  Yes, he does.  He supports me, gives me the time I need, packs my display items.  He is my biggest fan, but he doesn’t cut my wood for me, or solder my glass.  He knows I am a perfectionist and wouldn't want it any other way.

I often reflect back on the person that I used to be.  I am unrecognizable to myself.  I have grown in so many ways, and I can not wait to see who I will be 5 years for now.  My dreams are so big!


Reach For The Stars

I am always trying to grow as a person, and that includes growing my business.  I currently have started offering workshops through the town of Beaumont activity guide.  My latest workshop was creating these unique "scrap" glass birds.